Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ever been on a overnight road trip..? From personal experience Tylenol pm and a pillow can help anyone to get through the worst sleep they can possibly experience. It was impossible to get comfortable. Once you gave up fighting the idea that you would never sleep through the whole night.. you could sort of relax..

There is no sleeping in on a overnight road trip. Because when your coaches get hungry. You get up...

"Uh.. Hello. Hello." was our coaches way of saying wake up, we are eating. Now let me tell you... My coach like freaking worshiped one restaurant so much that every road trip we would end up there. Any one want to guess what it was?!

If you guessed Cracker Barrel congrats, you too are also scarred by how many times you have eaten there with Gstaff.
Personally. I hate Cracker Barrel. The first time we went, ya it was alright.. breakfast and candy..who could want more right?!

Yes that is a Bazooka. But that is beside the point. Once you have been to the Cracker Barrel +3 times... you start getting this weird... "I hate you feeling" every time you enter one. You start noticing that it smells so weird, and the candy is old... I would always get a strange nauseous feeling... ew.
So if you are wondering, didn't your coach ever feel that way? Didn't he get sick of it ?!
Now every season it would get to a breaking point on the team where mutually everyone was hating the Cracker Barrel besides our man Gstaff. He would announce, "Uh ladies well be, uh, pulling over in about 20 to the nearest Cracker Barrel.." You could hear the joy in his voice which did not carry over to my teammates and myself. Dead silence would strike.

Chants would break out!

Even the peaceful girls would rage.
And yes, occasionally we would win the battle...

Hearts would stop. NOODLES?! PANERA?! JIMMY JOHNS?!.....

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Will the madness ever end?!
God be with you girls prep.


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