Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kitty Learns English

This is Kitty (The one in the blue dress, not the animal). Kitty is a true Frenchy from the Frenchland. Its really easy to tell she had a Frenchy Childhood. 

Kitty has been to Paris but not to Toronto. 
She thinks Quebec is a country. 
She doesn’t know who Justin Bieber is. 
Caillou is her favorite TV show.  

So you see we had a seriously problem on our hands when she showed up at McGill to join the hockey team. We had to teach our new teammate about the other provinces in Canada, as well as helping her to learn the English Language.

Languages take a long time to master, but with hard work and a good support system it can be done. You must always start small and then build. I taught Kitty her first English word. 

With the help of her translator and our patient instruction, Kitty was soon forming coherent  sentences. 

We still turn french subtitles on for her when we watch movies on the bus, but we are hopeful that we wont have to do that for much longer. 

-Love Logan

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