Tuesday, March 1, 2011


First off...Logan *applause* for the Welcome to Walmart I about died.

Like Logan I too have a story. This story begins with three girls, the great Konz, the unforgettable Tata and myself. Now I had at this point played on a team with both Konz and Tata for about two years, and I was really thankful that I was coming into this new time of my life with these two.

One thing set me apart from them.. when I go new places I have a little problem of wanting to make everyone my best friend.. and this was no exception. I probably look a lot like this...

Looking back I see this my or may not of been the worst possible way to go into my new school. I scared people, literally I now believe people would see me and run away like "HOLY HERE SHE COMES! IS SHE HAPPY OR ANGRY I CAN'T TELL!"
Tata had a little bit easier time then myself....

Obviously she lives a life that not many can compare to...even to this day.

So after a few days in our new school I became completely obsessed with everything and everyone that I had met. I LOVED MY NEW SCHOOL. It was no wonder that Konz and Tata got a little annoyed and the inevitable happened.

So I was pushed to the outside, but did I really notice? Nope. I thought everything was just great!
Here is what I saw.

This was the reality.

Without my knowledge what so ever, I was pushed to the outside. I believe this plan was devised in order to take me out of my happy land once and for all...

Now looking back this was a pretty diabolical plan for simple 10th graders. Pure genius.
So the plan was devised and a few days later it was put into play.

 Now even though this plan was BRILLIANT I would not fall for it. I knew right away what they were trying to do. My happy land was destroyed and I reverted to this...

I could not believe it! What was I thinking?! I honestly did not know what I did wrong... So I just sat in my room and cried about it for about twenty minutes..until...a revelation...

So off I went..writing the whole thing off as a joke! I FORGIVE YOU FRIENDS!!!
And then the most random thing happened...


Basically...NEVER give up on making friends..even if they think you are some crazy intense, fake girl in the beginning. They'll come around.

Much Love Friends,

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