Monday, March 21, 2011

The Happy Box

Sometimes...we all experience bad days.. kinda like this..

Aww..poor you...terrible day..a didn't got yelled are's a terrible you sulk in the rain..? Yep.
On these days all you want is love..a friend..some freaking empathy! But the world says "NO YOU MAY NOT HAVE ANY OF THOSE!" (at least that is how you feel). This is until something great you find a nice little pink box...

What? You may ask.. a pink box...really...? UHHH...yes. And you know what's in this little pink box?!

HAPPINESS. You realize you may have found the best thing ever...HOLY YOU FOUND A HAPPY BOX.... now...some of you.. may never of heard of a happy box...that's because it's so rare.
So what happens if you do  find a happy box?!

You no longer can have bad days. It's a miracle.

 Rejoice! It's the greatest day ever EVERYDAY!!!! With a happy box possibilities are endless...Test? No problem. Fight? No just love. Hungry? Nahh unlimited dining.

Aww...true happiness..who knew...nothing can go wrong. Yay.
There is one problem with the happy box. Though you may be sooooo unbelievably great..that does not mean the people around you are so lucky...

Soo what do you do?

Hmm I say maybe if you have had an awesome week, month, year with your new happy box...  it's time to share it...

Because sometimes you need to look around you and help those who aren't doing as great and wonderful as you..

Because when you help others be happy do you really need a magical awesome happy box?

Hahaa happy day everyone :)

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  1. Great blog! Love your pictures!! :o)