Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dru's Big Decision

For the most part, every friend I have from high school looks exactly the same now as they did three years ago.
But there are TWO exceptions.

Well... maddogg's looks have not changed completely. She just has a different haircolor at the moment. She has a history of going from blond to brunette and then back again so its nothing to sweat over. 

Yes. sometimes maddogg. 

So everyone looks the same still, but sometimes not maddogg. And there is one other more extreme exception.

Say hi to Dru as we once knew her. 

Dru was very popular, very funny, very alcoholic, and very chubs. 

Her drinking often got her into trouble. She loved to break the rules. 

On the majority of Dru's days, she was drunk. Funny how 'Dru' happens to be spelt with the first three letters of 'drunk'

Maybe her parents decided to name her that way because they sensed what they had created when she was born.

A benefit to being intoxicated on a daily basis is an improved pain threshold. Dru could withstand much physical abuse and feel no pain. Here is Dru at a house party.


But to return to the original question, what is so different about the new Dru from the old Dru? 

The thing is, one day Dru decided that she would no longer be chubs. She wanted to be a hottie with a body. 

Dru had a big choice in-front of her. If she was going to be skinny, then she would either have to give up her food or give up her drank. She could not have both. 

It was a tough decision.

But she knew what she could never give up.

And so Dru stopped eating food and is now skinny. 

-Love Logan

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