Monday, February 28, 2011

Walmart. Where the bad-ass come to play.

Once upon a time, I had only one friend. She was the greatest friend ever. Here is a picture of us in ninth grade. On the left is me. On the right is my friend, Gags. Also known as Gagzilla, Gagy, and Lady Gaga. But her real name is Gags. Her birth name is Alyssa but that is not her real name. 

It was just us two. Our friendship was predestined by Jesus and God.
This is the story of how we were friends.
 I left my sheltered family life so I could go to Hockey Castle School.
When I arrived at my new boarding school I was completely terrified. 

The problem was, although I tried really really hard to be cool, it had just never worked out for me in the past; partially because my mom was so overprotective... causing my social development to proceed at a pace far below standard. 

Im not blaming my history of loserville solely on my mother's sheltering of my childhood. I had nerd DNA from day one. Also I was very scared of all people. I hoped that my new roommates would be nice and shy like me.

But NO. They were NOT shy. And they were sooooo intimidating. 

... well

At least to me they were. I told you, I was afraid of all people. Even redheads from Canada.

I desperately needed someone to be my companion. Someone with a heart made of gold and a soul made of rainbows. I prayed to Jesus for a friend. 

Jesus heard my prayers. The next day I found Gags. 

It was settled. We did everything together. We had all the same priorities! 

Studying for Gags. Drawing for me. 


The only male contact we had... Ryan and Seth from the OC 

We were two peas in a pod. The same person just with different hair. 

Every once in a while, we would feel a need to break the routine. A need for ADVENTURE! Where can one find adventure in a controlled environment? Our answer was WALMART. 

It was quite terrifying to leave the safety of the freshman dorms. 

But we would always encourage each other. 

Mission Accomplished. 

Bring it on WALMART

Love Logan. 

Two girls one magical page hahaha

Sunday, February 27, 2011

In addition

I want to say hi too!!!!!
-love logan

Welcome to Logan and Kellie's blog AHHHHH

Okay so here's the thing...Logan and I decided hey..why not start a blog about everything we went through with all of the people we love in one of the best times we ever have had.. so here we will post stories and pictures of times and how we remember them! Love you all hope you enjoy :)