Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Diva Madi

Most of the time, Madi and I are the best of friends. 

But something strange happened when our family went to Las Vegas. 

Madi had never seen any place so glamorous... so exciting

And all the people were soooo well dressed and beautiful.  

She was overwhelmed. She wanted to fit in. 
Madi decided to make some adjustments. 

So she bought some new shoes. 

Madi was a Vegas diva. She didn't want to be a silly Madi anymore. 

And She didn't want to hang out with me :( 


However, I did not lose hope. I kept trying to get her back to normal. 

But my attempts were futile. Diva Madi was there to stay. 

I was not happy about this change.

I was sad on the airplane home. Madi wasn't my silly Madi anymore. She was a grumpy Diva. 


When the plane flew back into Canada, there was a miracle. 

Silly Madi was back! 

We annoyed my dad for the rest of the flight, just like normal. 

Happy happy happy day! 

Other than the occasional relapse, Madi is her normal self again. 

-Love Logan 


  1. This is so cute!